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The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating CNC machine tool manufacturing, processing, sales, maintenance and technology research and development. With strong technical strength and production capacity. The company mainly deals with mechanical equipment and its accessories, equipment modification and maintenance. Relying on Ke Rui CNC's strong technical research and development capabilities, perfect after-sales service system. The company's production and processing center has high processing precision and strong steel body. Widely used in automotive, motorcycle, instrumentation, hydraulic parts, mold manufacturing, aviation and other industries.




Workplace selection for CNC machine tools

1 Avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation, avoid too humid or excessive dust, try to use in air-conditioned environment, keep room temperature around 20 °C. ???????????????????? Because the country is in a temperate climate, affected by the monsoon, and the temperature difference is large, for high precision and expensive CNC machine tools, it should be used in air-conditioned rooms.

Equipped with highly qualified programming, operation and maintenance personnel

CNC machine tools are typical mechatronics products that integrate advanced technologies such as computer technology, automatic control technology, precision measurement technology and machine tool design. ???????????????????? Its control system is complex and expensive. Therefore, the personnel equipped must have the following basic qualities: First, they should have a high degree of responsibility and good professional ethics.

Establish maintenance system for CNC equipment

There are many types of CNC machine tools, and various types of CNC machine tools have different characteristics due to their functions, structures and systems. The content and details of its maintenance also have its own characteristics. ????????????????????Specifically, according to the type, model and actual use of the machine tool, and with reference to the requirements of the machine tool manual, the daily maintenance system is formulated and strictly defined.

Do a good job in the maintenance of numerical control devices

1 Do a good job in machine troubleshooting. ???????????????????? Once an alarm occurs on the machine, the machine has failed or is in an abnormal state. You should first find out the cause before you can continue to run. Once the CNC machine tool is shut down, it directly affects the internship teaching plan, and the consequences are very serious.

Should open the door of the CNC cabinet and the power cabinet as little as possible

Because the air in the machine shop usually contains oil mist, dust and even metal powder. Once they land on the printed circuit or electrical device in the CNC system, ???????????????????? It is easy to cause the insulation resistance between components to drop, and even cause damage to components and printed circuits. Some users in the summer in order to overload the CNC system for a long time,

Maintenance of CNC system when not in use for a long time

In order to improve the utilization rate of the numerical control system and reduce the failure of the numerical control system, the numerical control machine tool should be used at full load, instead of being idle for a long time. For some reason, when the numerical control system is idle for a long time, in order to avoid damage of the numerical control system, the following two should be noted.

Tool and cutting oil maintenance

1 Tool performance is a fundamental factor affecting machining efficiency, machining quality and tool durability. During maintenance, the data of the tool and the degree of wear should be detected by observation and equipment, and the error of the tool parameters can be corrected in time to prevent errors.